The 419th Fighter Wing is made up of nearly 1,300 personnel. These “Citizen Airmen” serve part time in the military, but are full-time members of the local community. Most live, work, and raise families in Northern Utah. 419th FW members regularly volunteer to deploy in support of contingency operations and humanitarian efforts around the world. The wing offers a diverse range of combat capability to include F-35 operations and maintenance, as well as full-spectrum mission support such as civil engineering, security forces, medical, aerial port, firefighting, supply, and transportation. The 419th FW was the first Air Force Reserve unit to fly the F-35A Lightning II alongside the active-duty 388th FW at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.

F-35 in flightSecurity forces on dutyMedical Airmen on dutyF-35s over the Great Salt Lake
Explosive Ordnance Disposal teamF-35 helmet closeupPilot being interview by local mediaF-35 weapons loader at work
Young Airman driving military vehicleF-35s in midair formationEOD Airman on dutyF-35 elephant walk