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The Republic P-47D (Bubble Canopy Version)is the aircraft of the day! The aircraft on display is a P-47D-40, and it was built at the Republic plant in Evansville, Ind. In the late 1940s, it was transferred to the Peruvian air force. The aircraft later came to the museum in 1981. It is painted as the P-47D-30 Five by Five flown by Col. Joseph Laughlin, commander of the 362nd Fighter Group, 9th Air Force, in early 1945. #airhistory #avgeek #WWII
The Bristol Beaufighter is the aircraft of the day! The museum&#39;s aircraft was built under license by the Fairey Aviation Co. in Stockport, England, and delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force in 1942. It is marked as the USAAF Beaufighter flown by Capt. Harold Augspurger, commander of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron, who shot down an He 111 carrying German staff officers in September 1944. Info: #airhistory #WWII #avgeek" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2VeYr6c #airhistory #WWII #avgeek</a>
The Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Bockscar" is the aircraft of the day! The Boeing-designed B-29 No. 44-27297 was built by the Glenn L. Martin Co. at Omaha, Neb., at a cost of about $639,000. It was accepted by the USAAF on April 19, 1945, and was delivered to the 393rd Bomb Squadron at Wendover Field in the Utah salt flats. Info here: #avgeek #airhistory" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2AzQuzp #avgeek #airhistory</a>
B25 "Panchito" Ceremonial Flight with Doolittle Raiders Congressional Gold Medal On Board (2015). #avgeek https://youtu.be/QTlHvTFRSBk
Here&#39;s a look back at the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Tokyo Raid from 2017-Full Ceremony: #DoolittleRaiders #WWII" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/rHrxWYZMbqw #DoolittleRaiders #WWII</a>
Watch live at 4 p.m. EDT April 18 as we celebrate the tradition of honor & legacy of valor that defined retired Lt. Col. Richard "Dick" E. Cole&#39;s life. #DoolittleRaiders
Watch live at 4 p.m. EDT April 18 as we celebrate the tradition of honor & legacy of valor that defined retired Lt. Col. Richard "Dick" E. Cole&#39;s life.
Interview with National Museum of the USAF Historain Dr. Doug Lantry in regard to the Doolittle Raid. In January 1942, Gen. Henry "Hap" Arnold selected Lt. Col. James Doolittle to lead Special Aviation Project No. 1, the bombing of Japan. Doolittle, who enlisted in the Army in 1917, became a flying cadet and received his commission in 1918. Although the Doolittle Raid of April 18, 1942, caused only minor damage, it forced the Japanese to recall combat forces for home defense, raised fears among the Japanese civilians, and boosted morale among Americans and our Allies abroad. #DoolittleRaid #WWII #AirHistory #Avgeek
The North American B-25B Mitchell is the aircraft of the day! The airplane on display, actually a RB-25D (S/N 43-3374), was removed from storage at Tucson, Ariz., and rebuilt by North American Aviation at Inglewood, Calif., to the configuration of the lead B-25B flown by Lt. Col. Doolittle on the Tokyo Raid. It was then flown to the museum, arriving in April 1958. Info here: #avgeek #airhistory" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2Pi5F3M #avgeek #airhistory</a>
Doolittle Raiders Exhibit
Today in 1942: Airmen of the U.S. Army Air Forces, led by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, carried the Battle of the Pacific to the heart of the Japanese empire with a surprising and daring raid on military targets at Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Nagoya and Kobe. Read more about the Doolittle Tokyo Raid --> #DoolittleTokyoRaiders #WWII #AirHistory" target="_blank">http://1.usa.gov/1Zo5gLa - #DoolittleTokyoRaiders #WWII #AirHistory</a>
Recently the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force celebrated its 37th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet during which over 600 volunteers were honored. David Hills of Miamisburg, Ohio, was selected as the Museum Volunteer of the Year for 2018 for his dedication and excellence in serving the museum and the U.S. Air Force. Thank you to all of our volunteers!!! Info here: http://bit.ly/2IJswDU
The Consolidated OA-10 Catalina is the aircraft of the day. Flown to the museum in 1984, it was restored and painted as an OA-10A assigned to the 2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Info here: #avgeek #airhistory" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2v8DFGv #avgeek #airhistory</a>
Check out part two of the &#39;History of 25th Air Force&#39;. #avgeek #airhistory
The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force will commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day with two separate days full of events, as well as a temporary augmented reality exhibit. Visit the link for info on the May 13th and June 6th events: #WWII #History #AirHistory #DDay75 #augmentedreality" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2WbnXFU #WWII #History #AirHistory #DDay75 #augmentedreality</a>
Did you know that the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force is on AF Connect! We just added new podcasts to include D-Day topics and more. This is a free app download available on Google Play at https://apple.co/2TZensp just add the National Museum USAF as a favorite. This has easy access to visitor info, event calendar, exhibit info, aviation trivia and more! #avgeek #app #airhistory" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2up05TL or the App Store at https://apple.co/2TZensp just add the National Museum USAF as a favorite. This has easy access to visitor info, event calendar, exhibit info, aviation trivia and more! #avgeek #app #airhistory</a>
The Messerschmitt Me 262A Schwalbe is the aircraft of the day. The Me 262A on display was brought to the United States from Germany in July 1945 for flight evaluation. Restored by the 96th Mobile Maintenance Squadron, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, in 1976-1979, it is painted without operational unit markings as an aircraft that has just left the production line. Info here: #avgeek #airhistory" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2Gu2zqN #avgeek #airhistory</a>
Check out this video on the &#39;History of 25th Air Force&#39;. #avgeek #airhistory
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