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In Focus: Staff Sgt. Bryce Terry

  • Published
  • By 419th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

When Bryce Terry isn’t playing Magic the Gathering at his local card shop, or wreaking havoc in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, he is devoting himself to Air Force information security.

As a Reservist, Staff Sgt. Terry is a knowledge manager with the 419th Cyber Flight and in his civilian career, he is a records manager with the 75th Air Base Wing.

“We’re like guardians of information,” Terry said. “It’s our job to make sure all of our fellow Airmen have an unimpeded flow of information so they can perform their day-to-day functions.”

In addition to safeguarding information, he enjoys what he fondly calls “typical nerdy stuff”.

Reading fantasy and science fiction literature is a pastime for him. Whenever available, he might squeeze in some time for video games, tabletop games, and hanging out with friends.

While character building is a big part of gaming, it is also a big part of Terry’s life as well. That is why an upcoming goal of his is to get his Security+, a global certification in IT and cyber security.

“To get my Security+, means I can embrace some of the more cyber aspects of my job,” said Terry. “It’s an important thing to me personally, and it just so happens to help out with my career.”

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