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In Focus: Senior Airman Andrew Peercy

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Erica Webster
  • 419 Fighter Wing Public Affairs

For Andrew Peercy, his life has been one of service to others, but joining the military was the furthest thing from mind.

“The son of a family friend had joined, and they mentioned I could be a reservist on the weekend and still do other things Monday through Friday,” said Senior Airman Andrew Peercy, logistics management specialist with the 419th Logistics Readiness Squadron. “I joined in 2019 with the intent of going back to teaching swim lessons and water polo. But once I got in, I just fell in love with it and was doing well.”

Shortly after completing his on-the-job training, Peercy was sent to Dobbins Air Force Base in August 2020 for six months to help run a deployment center. As the lead planner, he assisted Airmen during their deployment transition.

“To prevent the spread of COVID, Airmen would arrive and quarantine for two weeks,” he said. “After that, they would be cleared to head out and deploy.”

Assuming the role of lead planner in the middle of pandemic is a heavy task for anyone, but as a person who likes a challenge and supporting others, Peercy excelled. His leadership took notice and encouraged him to apply to his current full-time position as an Air Guard Reservist.

“I ended up getting the position and it’s been uphill for me ever since,” he said.

Even after finding a new joy within the Air Force Reserve, Peercy still dedicates time for his two favorite things, water polo and music.

“Water polo is my favorite sport. My mom was a swimmer, and my dad grew up playing water polo before becoming a coach at a Kearns High School,” said Peercy. “Eventually I was participating in the Olympic Development Program for water polo. I didn’t make the national team, but I was on the national state side team which is still a huge accomplishment.”

Peercy still assists running water polo tournaments and teaches swim lessons to children, but he’s also the vocalist and bassist in a heavy metal band called Simian. When asked about what his vocal cords are like, he describes it as harsh vocals.

“If you were to take Metallica and ramp it up, you’d get harsh vocals,” he said. “Think Lamb of God and Slipknot, those are the kinds of bands we like to play.”

His love of coaching and teaching out of uniform has translated well into what he does in uniform, giving him a sense of mission and purpose.

“When I’m getting people ready to deploy, I see it as if I’m helping those I coach,” said Peercy. “I facilitate, talk to deployment managers, verify location, and make sure they have everything else necessary so they’re good to go.”

Since he enlisted, Peercy’s goals have shifted, but he still plans to continue the upward momentum of his life.

“I’ve finished Airman Leadership School and have everything done. Now I’m just waiting on my time in grade to promote to Staff Sergeant,” said Peercy. “I feel even more empowered to take control of my career. The Reserve really allowed the space for growth and the ability to balance everything.”

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