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Dentists with the 419th MDS fight the war on plaque

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Erica Webster
  • 419th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Dentists and dental assistants from the 419th Medical Squadron arrive every UTA weekend prepared to fight an invisible enemy. Their mission is to ensure

airmen are medically ready to accomplish the Air Force mission, anywhere at any time.

“Your oral health is part of your overall health,” said Lt. Col. Jeremy Lindgren, Chief of Dental Services with the 419th MDS. “The better you take care of your mouth, the better your overall health will be.”

Individuals who neglect their oral health are more likely to suffer from tooth decay or gingivitis, which left untreated, could lead to more serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease or endocarditis. By receiving regular dental check-ups and cleanings, Airmen are one step closer to maintaining military readiness.

“Brush and fight like a boss,” said Lindgren. “Together we’ll fight the war on plaque and gum disease in order to fly, fight, and win!”

As the Air Force’s first combat coded F-35 Reserve Wing, the nearly 1,200 Reservists dedicate one weekend a month and two weeks a year serve the 419th Fighter Wing. These Reserve Citizen Airmen keeps these aircraft mission ready as a leader in air superiority.