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A birthday to remember for a child of a 419th reservist

  • Published
  • By 419th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Today is a day to celebrate the social, economic, political, and many more achievements of women. It’s a day to empower the limitless possibilities of what a woman can bring to the world. It is International Women's Day. But for Maya Cervantes, this day means more.

Since Top Gun: maverick came out in 2022, Tech Sgt. Andres Cervantes’s two children can’t stop talking about planes.

“They have been obsessed,” said Cervantes, a personnel systems manager with the 419th Military Personnel Flight. “They ask about flying and fighter pilots all the time.”

He says his children, Maya and Emilio are constantly watching planes on YouTube and are obsessed with Maj. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe, the commander of the F-35 Lightning II Demonstration Team.

Knowing this, Cervantes contemplated how he could make his children’s dreams come true. And with a little help from his supervisors, Cervantes was able to schedule a visit for his family here at Hill Air Force Base on March 8, 2023. A date that is also Maya’s birthday.

“They were in disbelief when I told them,” said Cervantes. “They even wrote a list of questions.”

The family was able to see the very same plane that is on YouTube and Maya was extremely happy when she talked with Col. Jennifer Fiederer, the 419th Mission Support Group Commander. So happy that she became timid. Cervantes says even after all the things that went on today, Maya and Emilio are still in awe. 

“I am just glad that I was able to get what she wanted for her birthday,” said Cervantes. “Watching her reaction shows the endless potential that she can reach.”